The Great Gatsby , New Victoria Theatre, Woking, then touring until April 28

Published 7 years and 10 months ago on The Stage UK

New Victoria Theatre, Woking, then touring until April 28: Designed with elegance and flair from top to toe, David Nixon's ballet of F Scott Fitzgerald's immortal novel transports us effortlessly into the 1920s. The selection of music by Richard Rodney Bennett makes a crucial contribution as it provides a score that is closer to a movie soundtrack in its variety and nuanced moods. The production has been rebalanced since I first saw it and the lost romance between Jay Gatsby (Tobias Batley) and Daisy Buchanan (Martha Leebolt) now catches fire in the intimate pas de deux dotted throughout. Kenneth Tindall's Tom Buchanan remains the violent, centrifugal force at the heart of the piece, gripping Daisy's wrists hard enough to hurt and hurling outside observer Nick Carraway (Giuliano Contadini) around like a rag doll.

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