First Loves

Published 9 years and 2 months ago on Theatre Profile

Lately, I have been obsessed with First Loves.

Where it all came from.  The Beginning.

One of my first loves is performing.  Staging shows for Christmases, singing, dancing, acting.  I would make up skits, write plays, learn the lyrics to the songs I want to sing and dance to.  

Another one of my first loves is writing.  Letters, short stories, articles, blog posts, and more recently novels.  I have tried my hand at all of those ever since I could write.  

I think it must be that feeling of creation, of building something out of nothing.  Something magical, fantastical and amazing.  It is that suspension of belief that I love so much.  We ask audiences and readers to follow us down the rabbit hole to a whole new world which we create for them.   

There were various times in my life when I believed First Loves could be lost, discarded, or forgotten, stuffed away never to be seen in the light of day.  Now, I know better.  Now I know they don’t go away but simply needs attention, to nurture, to love, to grow.  

Theatre Profile combines a lot of my First Loves.  I hope it grows others’ first loves too. 

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