After Jim Gaffigan's Rant About Fish, You'll Never Look At Seafood The Same Way Again

Published 7 years and 10 months ago on Huffington Post US Entertainment

Jim Gaffigan has already gone on a lengthy rant about kale, but there's a whole category of food the comedian may hate even more.

On Wednesday's "Late Show," Gaffigan revealed to David Letterman that he thinks fish is completely disgusting, adding, "The best compliment you can give fish is to say it's not fishy." Then, he went off on other seafood, saying that lobsters are just "giant insects" and clams and oysters are "snots on a rock."

For a comedian who seems to have hours of material on Hot Pockets, it can be a little surprising to learn that he thinks any food is gross, but it's also pretty hilarious, too.

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